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Email to Trello:


Hi Justin,

One year ago I knew nothing of what I wanted to do after graduation except that I wanted to write and ask the girl I was in love with to be my girlfriend. She was moving to San Francisco and after doing some thinking, I told her that I’d be moving there as well.

She made a Trello board called “Our Life” and while it may seem like a small, almost insignificant gesture, after all that we’d been through, it was everything.

And so, because of how much Trello means to me, I wanted to reach out to share my story and also, introduce Recurly; we specialize in managing recurring transactions in subscription environments and reducing failed transactions and passive churn.

I’d love to hear more about your requirements and share some best practices we’ve learned from working with companies like CBS Interactive, Hubspot, and

Do you have 10 minutes to chat in the next few week or so?

Thank you again,

Email to 826 Valencia:


Hi Bita,

My name’s Natalie, I recently applied to volunteer with 826 Valencia, and wanted to take a few minutes to not only thank you for what you are doing but also to share a bit about why you mean so much to me.

I was seven years old when I first became aware that I was an “other”, and that people didn’t want or like “other”. Looking back on that time in my life, I am reminded of the first story I wrote with pride. It was about a girl who came into school only to find her desk riddled with insults and racial slurs. Writing that story, and many others since, saved me. It became my escape when the pain grew unbearable and is still the most powerful experience I’ve ever known.

For these reasons, and a million more, I wanted to reach out to say that what you are doing at 826 Valencia is not just getting kids excited about the literary arts, you are saving lives. You are giving people hope. You are showing them purpose. And considering the political and social climate we live in, I want to thank you for doing this tenfold.

I also recently started working at a startup called Captain401 that’s located just a few blocks from your Tenderloin office. One of the reasons I joined Captain401 is because of its commitment to employee-first retirement plans that really emphasize financial literacy training, low fees, and friendly service. Employees at organizations like 826 Valencia do a lot of good for the world and really deserve the best for their financial futures, and I’d love to help make that happen.

I’d love to connect you with a benefits consultant at my company who can provide more information on Captain401 as well as a free evaluation of your current plan.

If you have a few minutes in the next week or so, let me know if you’d like me to make an intro.

In any case, thank you for everything you are doing and taking the time to read my story.


Mint Integration Announcement Email:


Hi First Name,

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! We’re excited to announce today that you can officially connect your Captain401 and Mint accounts.

Here’s how to set everything up:

Log into your Mint Account

-Make sure you are in the “Overview” tab

-In the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the header “Accounts

-On the same line as “Accounts”, you’ll see a little gray icon in the shape of a box on the right-hand side of the refresh symbol

-If you hover over that box-shaped icon, you’ll see that it says “Edit”. Click on that.

-Once clicked, you’ll be directed to your “Settings” → “All Accounts” page

-In the middle of the page, next to the “All Accounts” header, you’ll see the “+Add Account” button, click on that.

-You’ll then be directed to a page entitled “See your money and bills all in one place” with a search bar.

-This is the important part: type in “Captain”, not “Captain401”, and you’ll see “Captain 401(k)” populate in a drop-down.

-Click on “Captain 401(k) which will bring you to another page within the pop-up that directs you to login with your Captain401 credentials.

Once you enter your login information, you’ll see Mint authenticating and connecting your account, and then, voilà! You’re all set, and your personal finances are all in one, convenient place for you to see and manage.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this integration and want to thank you, once again, for helping make this happen. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional feedback or requests for future product features!


Cloudflare Security Breech Email:


Hi Admin,

On February 23rd, Cloudflare, a service that offers security and performance features to a wide network of websites, announced a bug that had been causing certain traffic sent through their servers to leak for several months prior, potentially exposing sensitive data.

Captain401 is a Cloudflare client, but we have confirmed that our site was not affected by this bug and have no reason to believe that your company’s data has been compromised. It is a good time to remind you and your employees, though, that getting into the habit of changing your passwords for all websites is a best practice we highly encourage!

We’ll continue to monitor the situation for updates, but again, Cloudflare has confirmed that the Captain401 site was not affected.

If you or your employees would like to learn more about what happened, you can direct them to Cloudflare’s blog or this article on TechCrunch.


Tax Day Email (corporate):


Hi {{first_name}},

Tax Day is quickly approaching! Here are some quick tips for this year and beyond from your friends at Captain401:

Tomorrow is the first deadline for businesses to start filing their taxes this year!

On February 28th, all businesses must file information returns (e.g., Forms 1099) for certain payments made in 2016. There are several other dates for partnerships, S Corporations, and corporations which you can read about here.

March 15 is Tax Day for corporations!

Corporations have to file their annual tax returns and pay any taxes still owed on this day. You can read more about that, and other tips, here.

Get tax credits and deductions for {{company}} by setting up a 401(k)

If you offer a 401(k), or other retirement savings plan recognized by the IRS, to your employees, you can deduct your business’ contributions to the plan. Check out our blog post to learn more about how 401(k) plans can lower your corporate tax bills and more.

Still running behind? How to apply for a 6-month extension

We don’t recommend this, but if you know you won’t be able to meet the deadline for filing your corporate taxes, you should apply for a six-month extension. This gives you until either September 15th or October 16th to get them filed.

Don’t forget: Tax Day for individuals is April 18th not April 15th!

You have a few extra days this year to file your personal taxes due to how the weekend dates fall this year.

To learn more about 401ks and their tax implications, schedule a call or respond to this email directly, and I’d be happy to help!


Tax Day Email (personal):


Hi {{first_name}},

Tax Day is quickly approaching! Here are some quick tips for this year and beyond from your friends at Captain401:

Tax Day is April 18th not April 15th!

You have a few extra days this year to file your personal taxes due to how the weekend dates fall this year.

File your taxes sooner to receive your refund faster

The IRS receives about 38,737,000 returns around April 15, and the number of IRS employees has dropped by 13,000 since 2010, so it only makes sense to file your taxes as soon as possible in order to get your refund before the IRS gets flooded with returns. You can read more about this, and more reasons to file early, here.

Lower your personal tax bracket and save on taxes next year

When you participate in a 401(k) yourself using pre-tax dollars, your taxable income decreases. This allows you to save money now and for retirement, when you’re more likely to be in a lower tax bracket. You can read more about this and other 401k tax advantages here.

Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k): Taxes now and in the future

The number one question we get from our clients is how to decide between contributing to a Roth or Traditional 401(k). Check out our blog post here to learn more about differences and advantages of each.

Still running behind? How to apply for a 6-month extension

We don’t recommend this, but if you know you won’t be able to meet the deadline for filing your personal taxes, you should apply for an extension to give yourself until October 16th to reach the deadline.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Happy taxes!


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